FIT10 Complete Fitness System

February 15, 2018
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FIT10 Quick Strength Trainer

INCLUDES: Quick Strength Trainer, Padded Waist Belt, Super Strong Resistance Bungee, Travel Bag (Lifetime Guarantee).


The FIT10 program provides a complete fitness regimen to improve cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance. Because the FIT10 program is based on the concept of instantly tiring the muscle followed by taking the muscle through the full range of motion, a full-body workout can be achieved in as little as 10 minutes.

The FIT10 combo unit includes the Quick Strength Trainer, plus the Advanced Resistance Runner.

The Quick Strength Trainer utilizes a simple pressure-controlled resistance system to increase or decrease the amount of resistance required to achieve full muscle failure with minimal time requirements. There is no weight to add, and the resistance can be adjusted effortlessly during the exercises. Since the unit is less than 2 pounds, it can be easily taken to the office, on work trips, and even vacations. With the Quick Strength Trainer, you no longer have any excuses!

The Advanced Resistance Runner was designed to increase the individuals “Running Economy”, the energy required to run at any given pace. The resistance is based on individual requirements and can be adjusted mid workout; sprinters, long-distance trainers, and those just looking to improve their cardio, will all find the system equally beneficial. Training is also no longer constricted based on the weather or locations, since the unit can used indoors. It is also light and compact, so it can be taken on trips and vacations. Now there’s truly no more excuses for skipping out on cardio. (max 250 lbs, order the Extra Resistance Band if necessary).

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Weight 2 kg


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Ahead of its time

First I have to say, that Dave’s fitness philosophy matches mine to a T. He articulated what I felt for a long time to be true. His Quick Strength Trainer is a work of Genius. Slow motions with isokinetic type of overcoming a resistance build strength without getting one sore or fear of injuring oneself. It is a simple yet mind blowing way to overload your muscles and to say that it doesn’t get enough credit is an understatement of the century. Instead of that, people buy gadgets that offer insufficient resistance, break easily and waste their time and money. I gather, it is more of a psychological thing, spending amounts of money to feel worthy, but that’s another topic. No regular person needs more workout than delivered by the Quick Strength Trainer. My strength increased by 40% although I had been in relatively good shape prior to discovering this device. The videos showing the exercises with it do little justice to this magnificent piece of equipment. I might do one myself. I made a few changes, like using just one bar (16 inches) and adding a belt and an additional door anchor for one special exercise. With these changes I am able to duplicate any exercise known to man. And if it weren’t enough, I can always, either combine isometric hold and isokinetic movement or do isometric exercise only. This is everything you have to have to stay in extraordinary shape for your whole life. The only thing where you have to invest additional money into is the rope. With my kind of training, which is very intense and includes 1 set of 10 repetitions for 18 exercises spread over the period of four days and exercising every day at that, I wear out a length of rope in 12 to 13 months. That’s why I found the best rope for this device and bought enough length to cover 35 years. I’m set for life and am happy about the fact. For cardio do whatever you can like walking or riding a bike or playing some kind of sport but overloading your muscles hast to be effective and time-efficient. This device doesn’t allow you to cheat or use gravity to make it easier. It is a hard work but it doesn’t last long and it gives you results while saving your time and money. Above all: when you know that your workout is 15 minutes long tops, you are not inclined to abandon it for the lack of time and convenience is not the issue since you are doing it at home (or hotel room for that matter). Dave, you were always and you still are ahead of your time. Thanks.

Review for FIT10 Quick Strength Trainer
Solo Entrepreneur

Along with family, work, and social responsibilities are competing for our precious time; it seems we are all keeping a frantic schedule nowadays. It is difficult to find time for a good work out routine – until I stumbled upon Fit1O eight years ago. Now I’m able to get a quality workout in a short period just about anywhere, home, office, hotels… without the need to depend upon tacky gyms, and a fitness centers. This quick workout daily routine fits my goals beautifully.

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