Here are the Unique Advantages of the FIT10™ Program

  • BUILDS STRENGTH IN LESS TIME The FIT10 method allows you to automatically adjust the resistance needed for each exercise without requiring you to stop and change weights, or move a set pin, etc.
  • SAFETY With the FIT10 method, you determine the resistance you need as you are  actually doing each exercise. You can fully exert to the maximum, but no more resistance is produced than you can generate at that moment, minimizing the chance of injury.
  • NO MUSCLE SORENESS With the FIT10 method allows for better blood flow to the muscle tissue, bringing nutrients in and flushing waste materials out. This results in little to no muscle soreness from the buildup of lactic acid which is mostly removed.
  • NO JOINT SORENESS The FIT10 method eliminates the 200-300 pounds of pressure on your joints (typical of most other methods) while you are building strength, meaning you will have virtually no residual soreness in your joints post workout. This is one of the reasons FIT10 is the perfect workout for aging adults.
  • NO STRESS ON THE SPINE The FIT10 method, unlike conventional methods of building strength, puts no stress on the spine. This  unique patented method, first deployed by the Apollo astronauts in gravity-free space, allows anyone with back issues to build strength without compounding their back problems.
  • GET A COMPLETE WORKOUT IN ONLY 10 MINUTES Because of the unique patented formula utilized to build strength with FIT10, it is a concentrated yet comprehensive workout. Like multi-tasking your muscles, not a second is wasted! get total-body toning and sculpting, and cardio, all at the same time.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL FIT10 is the very best way to stay fit and relieve stress when you travel. No other exercise equipment even comes close! FIT10 is small and weighs less than 2 lbs, easily fitting into a briefcase, or carry-on-bag. No more worries about whether your hotel has a fitness room.


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